Water Damage Restoration

Professional. Serious. Efficient.

When you are standing in water, time is really critical. Water can easily and silently spread and irremediably affect your carpets, floors and walls. Using plumbing openings, water infiltrates and penetrates other locations, too. If it reaches down to the property’s structure, you need fast and professional help in order to dry out and restore the place. If proper action is taken within 48 hours most damage can be reversible. But if you wait any longer, you risk for mold, bacteria and permanent water damage to seriously affect your home.

What causes flood damage?

At Water Damage Calabasas we have the proper technology and highly-trained staff to handle whatever water damage problem you might face:

• Washer and Water Heater Overflow
• Pipe Bursts
• Bathroom Overflow
• Roof Leaks
• Flood Damage
• Fire Sprinkler Damage
• Sewer Backup

During our years of experience, we have developed a complete water damage protocol according to the latest rules and safety regulations:
Assessment: In order to know what we have to do, we must firstly begin with a damage assessment. We locate the source of water infiltration and identify hidden pockets of moisture behind the walls, beneath the floors and between stories of your building.
Protection: Because water can easily spread from one location to another and create even more harm, we will take measures to stop the extension of the damage to more areas. We even offer off-site storage for your belongings until the drying process is completed and the property is risk free.
Cold Water Extraction: We remove excess water in no time by using large truck mounted vacuum systems and submersible pumps.
Drying: We bring in air movers to remove moisture away from carpets, wood and concrete and do not leave the site until your property is completely dried out.
Cleanup: We remove all residues and odors that water damage might leave behind to make sure your property is back to its ideal state before the unfortunate event.
Monitoring: We will monitor the entire process to make sure all the steps are fulfilled accordingly and that nothing is left unattended.

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