Hardwood Floor Damage

We hate to see your home go to waste right after you’ve installed brand new hardwood floors! Don’t let water damage destroy your beautiful home & act fast before the damage becomes permanent. Calabasas Water Damage can repair and restore your hardwood floors with a free damage assessment too! Call now for 30 minute on site arrival to your property! We work 24 hours a day to better serve the Calabasas community, so call now! (818)-217-8083

dreamstimeextralarge_24038020How does hardwood floor damage happen?
Just like any other water damage disaster, this type of damage is a result of flooded floors or possible leaking roof. Burst pipes or overflowing appliances are also one of the most common causes of hardwood floor damage

Should I use my vacuum to remove some of the water?
Do not under any circumstance use a household vacuum to remove standing water from your home. Let the experts at Calabasas Water Damage bring in a team of IICRC-certified technicians to perform cold water extraction on the affected areas of your home first! We store the excess water in EPA approved tanks and then dispose of it later to protect you and your family from harmful pathogens that could possibly develop in standing water.

How much will a restoration cost me?
The price varies depending on the severity of your home’s damage, but our team will file your water damage claim for you to get the most out of it. Forget about fighting with your insurance agent, we’ll do it for you! We offer 100% Direct Insurance building for every single one of our customers!

What about all of my stuff?
We offer our customers off site storage to protect your belongings during the restoration. We keep it safe in a locker to protect your privacy. If you own a business and hardwood floor damage occurs, we will gladly help you store important documents, furniture or other pertinent items during the restoration.2014-04-12 12.18.55

When hardwood floor damage happens to you, it’s upsetting because you want your home or business to reflect the love and care you’ve put into it. We fully understand your frustration and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your call when you need us most.

Call Calabasas Water Damage right now if water damage has badly affected beautiful hardwood floors in your home, and expect 30 minute on site arrival 24 hours a day!

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