Water Damage Clean Up

When water damage affects your home, its unsafe to try and fix it yourself. Instead Contact Calabasas Water Damage for a 30 minute on site arrival day or night! Our certified technicians are prepared to investigate the cause of the damage, and create a custom restoration plan to get your home or business back on track.

If you’re facing such a disaster at home, we’re here for you! 
Water damage happens unexpectedly, and when it does we will be there for you. It’s a tough job, but we’ve got the right equipment, and certified technicians to restore your home back to like new condition.

Our Process is simple and effective! We’ll get your home or business back on track and smelling great! 

2014-04-12 12.18.55Cold water extraction allows us to remove standing water from your property. Using vacuums and submersible pumps we can get those hard to reach areas beneath floorboards, behind drywall or underneath carpeting with little damage to your home! Your personal belongings will be shielded from any potential work areas, and we also offer off site storage to house any items you simply cannot see damaged at all!

It’s in the details! Once we’ve removed all the standing water from your home, we go over the affected areas of your home with an infrared camera to locate hidden water pockets. This portion of the process happens before we dry out your home because we want to be absolutely positive we haven’t missed any water. The dangers of leaving water behind result in harmful pathogen and mold growth if left unnoticed.

We dry out your entire home if need be! Using air blowers and vacuums we will get your home dry faster than you every imagined. We use as many air blowers as needed to get the job done. This portion of the process leaves your floors or carpets free of damage once we’re gone and your home is fixed. We then sanitize and deodorize the affected areas of your home to remove the mildew smell and give your home or business a fresh clean scent!

How about insurance?
Contact your insurance agency and let us do the rest. We will navigate the claim for you so you can focus on your property’s restoration. We work 24 hours a day, and want to give you the best chance at getting the settlement you need from your insurance provider. We will negotiate with them, and help you at every turn as we know water damage claims can be complicated. We work with ALL insurance companies!

Call us for water damage cleanup services and more! (818)-217 8083