Fire Sprinkler Damage

When fire sprinklers go off accidentally they can cause huge water damage to one home or business location, affecting drywalls, ceilings, floors, furniture and belongings in irreversible ways.

Fire sprinklers accidentally go off due to one of the following factors:
– Overheating
– Corrosion
– Mechanical damage
– Manufacturing defect
– Installation flaw

Even if most of these factors are out of your control, you can still help in such challenging situations! By calling an expert as soon as possible you may be able to reduce the existing damage and even minimize the further one by taking the right measures.

The specialists from Water Damage Calabasas will reach you within 30 minutes and remove all standing water, develop a drying plan and restore your property to its previous state.

Due to our fast, reliable and serious team, we are recommended by hundreds of customers we’ve helped get their properties restored and their belongings dried out.

When facing such challenging situations, do not waste any more time! Call us at (818) 217-8083 and let us help you! We are 30 minutes away, day or night, every day!